Church In Person

Join us this weekend 11 AM Sunday On Site. Plus options for other in-person gatherings...

Seasonal SChedule Changes

We have the opportunity to meet Sunday mornings for a season at United Baptist Church, 39 Fayette St, Concord NH 03301. It's best to check our web site weekly to confirm our schedule and location.

Church On Site

We're in a new season of Cornerstone On Site experiences Sunday morning 11 AM at our new in-person meeting location, United Baptist Church at 39 Fayette St, Concord 03301.

Our in-person On Site service is the flagship Cornerstone experience. Cornerstone Online & On Demand mirror the on-site experience so the music & message will be similar. But the On Site service is an expanded worship service and may include more music and other elements tailored to the in-person experience.

See the event calendar for the details & schedule...

Host a Watch Party

Even if you're watching Cornerstone online, that doesn't mean you have to watch alone! Invite others to watch together with you live online—9, 10 & 11 AM Sun—or gather the people in your household and watch anytime on demand.

Watch together with the people you're already hanging out with to get more out of your Cornerstone Online experience.

What is a Watch Party?

Watch Parties are an opportunity to watch Cornerstone Online together so that you can connect and encourage each other spiritually.

How does it work?

  1. Let us know you're hosting and we'll resource and encourage you. Contact us...
  2. Watch Cornerstone Online together with the people in your household. (We suggest you follow the CDC's guidelines for protecting yourself and others.)
  3. Show Cornerstone Online on the biggest screen possible. (Most people will find it easy to watch the YouTube-hosted version on a TV with a Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast device. See below for details.)

Remember, everyone can join in the biggest Watch Party of all by watching Cornerstone Online live with others on the Church Online platform.

How do we watch Cornerstone Online on the big screen?

Watching Cornerstone Online on the biggest screen possible makes a huge difference in the experience, especially when you're watching together.

• Start with your device

Get one (big) screen for content, a second screen for connection. Even though you'll be watching Cornerstone Online on a big screen, each person can use a phone, tablet, or laptop to go to http://CornerstoneNH.org/online and watch together with the entire church family. This will allow each person to chat, request live prayer, and access the notes and other features of our Church Online platform.

• Option One: The YouTube app on your smart TV

If you have a Smart TV, Roku, or Apple TV, you can use the YouTube app to play Cornerstone Online live. Launch the YouTube app, and search within it for "TheCornerstoneNH" to locate Cornerstone's channel. On our channel you'll see this weekend's service, which premieres each Saturday. If you have a Chromecast device, launch the YouTube app on your phone and then Chromecast Cornerstone from your device to the TV.

• OPTION Two: Use an HDMI cable from your device to the TV

Any TV with an HDMI input can be used to show Cornerstone Online. On your device, find Cornerstone Online on our YouTube channel or the Church Online platform. Then connect your phone, tablet, laptop, or other computer using an HDMI cable. If your device doesn't have an HDMI out, you can find an HDMI adapter for almost any device.