Church is On(line)!

Buildings may close. Church however is ON!

Have church right now, wherever you are! 

Cornerstone Community Church's weekend worship is online four times this weekend at CornerstoneNH.Online.Church

  • Saturday, 7 PM
  • Sunday 9, 10 & 11 AM

Start on your device at CornerstoneNH.Online.Church for interactive features like:

  • Live chat with Pastor Brian and others watching online.
  • Message notes & scriptures for the message plus the Growth Guide questions for the week.
  • Live Prayer

Add a second screen! Gather everyone in the household and watch it at the same time on the biggest screen available.

  • Pick a time and invite everyone in your lockdown pad & pod to watch with you.
  • If you can mirror to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV on the big screen or just hardwire a device, the experience will be even better!
  • The weekend service will premiere on YouTube as well ( to make it easier. Use a YouTube app on your TV if you have one.

Lastly, share the link to http://CornerstoneNH.Online.Church with a friend anywhere in the world. You can go to #churchtogether no matter where you are!

LIfe. Better.

We believe following Jesus makes life better, and makes you better at life—and brings glory to God in the process! Let us show you how...

Weekend Worship online exclusively for now at CornerstoneNH.Online.Church

Join us 10 a.m. every Sunday at Red  River Theatres

in Concord, New Hampshire.

Stay connected with Cornerstone wherever you are! 

Download our Church Center app for Apple or Android devices.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
— Jesus  in the Gospel of John 10:10b NASB

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